The Benefits of Laser Treatments

Your skin puts up with a lot from pollution to harsh UV rays. The good news: Flawless skin isn’t impossible, but it does take effort. If you’re one of the millions whose dealt with acne during adolescence (and maybe well beyond into your 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s) there are likely signs to show. Add […]

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The Top Mens Treatments

Long gone are the days when spas were labeled a ladies-only enviroment. From laser hair removal to Coolsculpting and cosmetic injections, what once seemed outlandish for many guys is now more commonplace (and culturally acceptable) then ever. We ladies like to look good, there’s no shame in the men getting in on the action too. […]

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Link Love: Skincare, Disappearing Fat & Beauty at 40

Happy Friday! We’ve rounded up a few great reads from around the web from skincare to the biggest mystery of all: where does the fat go after body contouring treatments? Take a look: • Skin care products your dermatologists want you to toss |  LINK • Where does the fat go after cosmetic procedures?  |  LINK • […]

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Rose’s Favorite Things!

We asked each of our aestheticians to share their top 3 treatments or products from Fresh. It’s Rose’s turn! See what she shared:   #1 – Botox: The best wrinkle is the one you never get! I’m a big believer in Botox, a purified protein that’s injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles which helps […]

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Krystal’s Favorite Things!

We asked each of our team members to share their top 3 treatments or products from Fresh. Krystal’s up next, here’s what she had to say: #1 – SkinMedica® Lytera Lytera has totally changed my skin! My skin is acne prone and, to make matters worst, I also have the pleasure of having hyper-pigmentation which […]

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Jenny’s Favorite Things!

We asked each of our team members to share their top 3 treatments or products from Fresh. Jenny’s up first, here’s what she had to say: #1 – The iEllios Facial: I have been using this machine for over four years it’s helped keep my skin youthful and brighter then ever, and it’s even lightened […]

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Pre-Holiday Prep: What to do & when to do it

Let’s face it: The holiday’s can be a hectic time of year. Between those office parties, family gatherings and swanky soirees, some me-time is a MUST! Show off your best self when the holidays hit with this pre-holiday guide: 3-4 WEEKS BEFORE: • Microdermabrasion Treatment and/or Chemical Peel: Slough off that dull top layer of […]

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Win a $550 Holiday Skincare Package!

Purchase a Spa Gift Card during the month of November and you’re instantly entered into a draw for a Holiday Skincare Gift Package ($550 value). Plus, receive a FREE Microderm Treatment with each $200 Spa Gift Card purchase!* ($95 value – limit 2 per client)  Stop by the Fresh for a head start on your holiday […]

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When you have Laser Resurfacing makes a difference

Summer is coming to close which means fall and winter are right around the corner. While these cooler months aren’t prime time for showing off your skin, colder temps and shorter days are the perfect fit for laser treatments. The fall and winter months are a great time to treat a variety of skin conditions. Laser […]

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