Ask Our Experts: What’s the best fix for under eye bags & dark circles?

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Each week we’ll be tackling one of the most frequently asked questions here at the spa & sharing the answers for all! From common concerns to specific situations, we’ve got you covered! This week is all about refreshing tired looking eyes:

Q. What’s the best fix for under eye bags and dark circles?

We passed this question over to Rosemary, here’s what she had to say:

A. The best way to combat both eye bags and dark circles is with Cosmetic Fillers. Injectable fillers can help “fill” out and add volume to the under eye area. This improves the complexion under the eyes by delivering nutrients and hydration resulting in a brighter, more vibrant, less tired appearance!

Rosemary is a beauty industry veteran with over sixteen years of spa & salon experience. As a former graduate of the Marvel Beauty School she’s trained and certified in our entire array of esthetic services and specialized product lines. She’s curious by nature and makes a point to stay up to date with the newest innovations and advancements in the esthetics world. As a skincare specialist, Rosemary seeks to educate, inform and help you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

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