Ask Our Experts: Smoking, wrinkles & injections?

We’re tackling some of the most frequently asked questions here at the spa & sharing the answers for all! From common concerns to specific situations, we’ve got you covered! This week is all about the ties between smoking & wrinkles: Q. Does smoking cause wrinkles to come back faster after Injections? We passed this question over […]

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The Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon, a savory spice made out of the inner bark of trees from the genus Cinnamomum, is both tasty and good for your health! Here are 9 surprising health benefits of Cinnamon Powder: 1) Regulates blood sugar levels 2) Reduces cholesterol levels 3) Aids digestion 4) Relieves sinus congestion 5) Relieves joint pains 6) Relieves inflammation & arthritis pains 7) Prevents […]

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The Faces of Fresh: Meet Rosemary!

We’re so luck to have found the perfect fit with our aesthetics expert: Rosemary! This pint sized team player is full of energy and eager to help out. She’s a beauty industry veteran (with over 16 years of experience) and our go to girl for all things skincare. When she’s not busy pampering clients and […]

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